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We probably spent more time at home than ever before last year. The home, weather it is a flat or a house, has been the focus point for so many. No wonder a thought might have crossed some minds: Why don’t we change something around here? Especially when you move houses or flats you are faced with a certain topic again and again: the wall colour! It is amazing how a new wall colour can change the look and feel of an entire room. If you tend to use light colours all the time, don’t be shy, because even one wall in a bold colour can be a fantastic highlight in your room. Since we recently moved into our new home we were thinking about the wall colours as well. We want more colour on our life in our new home! Luckily the UK luxury brand Farrow & Ball provide fantastic colours and we could not be happier with how things turned out! The only problem: Decisions, Decisions…!!!

Farrow & Ball is a manufacturer and distributor of premium paint and wallpapers based in Wimborne, England. They offer a wide variety of beautiful high-quality colours and wallpapers – there is something for every taste. 

If you’re having trouble deciding for one colour you can take up the amazing colour Consultancy which is even possible over video call. This is a great way to get an expert’s opinion even if a personal visit is not possible due to Covid. Just book an appointment and the colour Consultants will help you choose the right colour according to your preferences and needs. I was a little skeptical at first and thought it might be better to be on site! But the advice was great and so informative! You get a detailed colour fan with the whole colour range sent in advance. Then you only need a white sheet and some imagination to the perfect makeover of your wall. I am still amazed at how many different white tones there are.

We have chosen the following colours for our new home: 

Borrowed Light

This colour is a perfect summer sky blue which is wonderfully pale. It is named after the delicate light which cascades through small windows and fanlights. It is perfectly suited for airy sunrooms but also in a room deprived of light. The colour is such a soft and classic tone! So perfect for our bed room we wanted in the “Hamptons Style”. Light but comfortable.

All White

The colour contains no other pigment except for white which is very unusual. Therefore, there are no blue undertones which are often found in a brilliant white. Due to that it is such a soft and sympathetic colour! It is a very cold and elegant white we wanted for our living room with the big stucco! This looks so stunning!

Eating Room Red

This colour is the most strong red you can imagine and takes its name from the colouring of the red damasks which were super popular in the mid-19th century. The colour has a deep blackened pigmentation which gives it a burgundy finish. We choose this as an eyecatcher in our entrance! You can`t look away!


This colour is a wonderful pink with a hint of grey which gives it a great fresh finish. It is perfectly suited for large well-lit rooms where it feels very delicate like our big bathroom! Here I wanted to have a romantic flair and this colour feels to me like a spa! 

After you have choosen your dream colours get wild and test them on different times of the day with different light. It helped me so much and is a must do to find your feel good colour! Trust me! You can order every F&B colour in a mini size.

What I also particularly love is that you can combine the Farrow & Ball wall colours ALL together! No matter from which colour family! In addition, they are fantastic to combine with fabrics and wallpapers. I hope I could inspire you to colour UP YOUR LIFE!


Stefanie & Fabian

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