Friday Whatever #11

It’s Friday again and my last week and the next days are all about my masters. As some of you already know from Snapchat, some weeks ago I had a little heart attack one morning as it seemed for some hours that I studied for nothing.

Short summary of what happened: When I started my masters we were introduced to the focus fields, how to earn enough points to have a study focus and that, when you do not earn enough of these, you are the „aimless“ type of student. Well, I’m fine with anything, did not collected enough points for a focus area, please call me aimless haha! So I handed in my master thesis, waited for ages for the correction but already was a proud girl. More than four months later one morning I got an email stating that my master thesis is corrected and I reached all the points of my masters – but, I can not finish my studies without a study focus.

So at that point, the new semester already started, all courses were taken by the students, I had some job interviews and so on. When I got that email, I begged my profs to let me take place in one of the courses but until I got the answer, I lived the worst nightmare you could imagine. What happened, if I already had a fulltime job? What happened, if no prof had space for me in his course? What happened, if I did not payed the study fees though I finished my studies?

In the end, everything worked out and I have my final presentation next Tuesday and finally (almost) finish my studies. Keep your fingers crossed, loves!


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