Friday Whatever #15

Friday Funday and last week was actually a really fun one! As you maybe already know I don’t own a car so when I get the chance to borrow one from my parents it’s THE BEST DAY EVER and I have to make full use of this time. So, last week I went to Starnberger See for tanning, Tegernsee for coffee and Ammersee for the sunset and all this on one day.

And suddenly i got a serious wanderlust issue and just in time we booked our next trip to Mauritius which was my next bucket list destination after visiting the Seychelles in January. Checking my list in geographical order 😉 What’s next on your bucket list? For me, on top it is:

  1. South Africa. But the full program, from Capetown over Garden Route to safari. And don’t forget swimming with great white sharks and visiting the penguins.
  2. Vietnam. Or actually my must see hotel no. 1 in the world, the Six Senses Ninh Van Bay.
  3. Boat trip to the North Pole. And I’m not talking about a cruise ship to some northern parts, but about taking an expedition boat, icebreaker, seeing polar bears and stuff!

So let’s see what the rest of 2017 brings!

But for now, we can’t wait to see Mauritius for the first time in two weeks and share our impressions with you!



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