Friday Whatever #7

When I sat down to write this Friday Recap of my last week, I had no idea what to tell you as my last week was just an average week of an average person in my mind. While actually, it was not boring at all, pressdays, meetings, new opportunities… it’s just that I want to experience exciting things on a daily basis.

Since almost three years I am probably a little out of control for others. I experienced that many fantastic and worst things, others won’t do in their whole life. I want to see the world, I want to get to know the most thrilling and weirdest people, I celebrate even if there is nothing to celebrate, I cry, I laugh, I have ups and downs. Free spirit, restless mind, hopeless sleeplessness. I always do exactly what I want to do, I don’t care about what others may be thinking or social norms. I just live life to the fullest.

And in doing so I may totally unlearned to live a „normal“ life. I can’t go out and have a glass of wine and a nice chat. When I go out and nothing totally fun (and I mean that fun I will laugh the next week at) happens, it was a boring evening. I don’t want to have nice conversations with nice people. If I don’t talk to the most inspiring person and have the coolest time ever, I’m not interested in having a conversation. Last week I caught myself twice starting a fight with a normal guy who wrote me normal and nice messages (on Tinder, of course) just to make the small talk more interesting for me.

Is it is possible to get „normalized“ again after living this way?
Do I want to get „normalized“ again after living this way?

For now, life, bring on your next adventure!! I will tell you about in two weeks of course 😉


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  • Ein wahnsinnig interesanter Post! Ich an deiner Stelle würde nicht in das ‘normale’ Leben zurück, Genieße es, solange du noch kannst ♡.

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