The PINK MACARON above the Clouds

Well, seriously: is anybody interested in the looks or only in THIS view? 😉

Sarah is the best truffle pig when it comes to scouting new locations and we just had to shoot a brand new look for you at this stunning place in Kitzbuhel. A winter look of course to have cozy feels in the snow.

We love to wear a lot of black in winter as it is such an amazing contrast with the white snow and leather pants just look super hot with soft sweaters.

But what about wearing real fur?

Before we start this discussion you need to know: We only wear vintage fur! So no animals have to die in first place for us. We shop them in vintage stores or wear the old ones from our grannies. BUT we also wear leather bags and leather shoes as almost everybody else.

So what do you think: Why are there so many people especially on social media against real fur while almost everybody wears bags and shoes made from cow or lamb leather? Even vegan bloggers! Everybody cares about how the fur finishing is made but almost nobody on Instagram cares about how bags or shoes are made. Or their down pillows and beds. So many people start to be vegan but jet setting around the globe. How can that be good for nature? Also the production of fake fur is not the best for the environment as it costs a lot of energy. So let’s think about that before we judge!

For us the important thing is to live as sustainable as we can. Just to have open eyes and when we get the chance to really change something to save life and nature, even just a little thing – GO FOR IT! Just as we rescue cats in Marrakech for example! Read everything about it here.

So don’t be so strict to each other just try to be the best version of yourself! Nature will be thankful and give you stunning days like this: ABOVE THE CLOUDS!




  • I think it‘s very good that you talk about this topic in a very objective way. I am personally against real fur and would never wear it. I totally understand the comparison with real leather shoes etc. but in this case the material has a ‚real‘ function for me- or eating meat also has a function, but I don‘t see any sense in a hood covered with fur, it‘s just fashionable.

  • You can’t compare real fur and leather. Have you seen fur farms and how they keep animals? If not you should check that out. Animals are solely grown in tortute to produce their fur for people, skinned alive in China. Leather is a biproduct of meat industry. People don’t grow cows just for the skin. The skin leaving is inevitable. Meat industry is in many countries also horrible but it is not made for luxury and vanity purposes.

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