The Pink Macaron at Hotel de Russie

My loves, it is now the fourth hotel of the Rocco Forte Hotels which I was allowed to visit! We have already been to their property in Munich (a matter of honor, since it is my home town), Saint Petersburg (a city that fascinates me very much) and Berlin (best brunch of my life)! 

But also this time our trip should be an absolute highlight because we visited the Hotel de Russie in: Rome – the city of great history, impressive architecture and delicious food! Every corner is filled with the smell of freshly brewed coffee, pastry shops offer delicious baked goods such as sfogliatella and you simply can’t get enough of the city’s flair and beauty! 

What better way than to enjoy your stay at a wonderful hotel that is just the epitome of everything Rome stands for. Hotel Russie offers 120 suites right in the center next to all the shops we love like Chanel, Lv, Fendi Roma…And this property shows extraordinary taste in design. All of the rooms were conceptualized by Olga Polizzi and the architect Tommaso Ziffer and combine classic as well as contemporary influences. You love a great view from your room? Then you will definitely enjoy the beautiful view over historic Roman streets and the amazing Piazza del Popolo. Everything in the suites is inspired by the city’s history. You can marvel at the unique interior decorated with sculptures, photographs and colorful cushions made out of luxurious fabrics from Zimmer + Rohde. Wonderful furniture from Porada and Porta Romana as well as magnificent wallpaper from Lewis & Wood top off the unique feeling you get while staying in these spacious suites. You can choose from 5 different suites which will all amaze you in their own beautiful way.

I never wanted to leave our suite! Felt like home! And that’s for me personally the best thing a hotel can offer. And some cute PUCCI exspresso cups is defintly a plus ! 

Or do  you prefer a fancy drink before or after dinner? Make sure to visit the Stravinskij Bar which is widely known among and frequented by celebrities visiting or living in the city. The bar has a private Piazza which is surrounded by wonderful trees and fountains and offers a view into the hotel’s magnificent Secret Garden – indeed an oasis full of splendor and calmness. Enjoy a classic or modern drink such as a Martini or the Stravinskij spritz and indulge yourself with fine Italian cuisine. 

Furthermore, the hotel’s restaurant “Le Jardin de Russie” will surprise you with an elegant dining room where you can enjoy an extraordinary breakfast. If the weather holds you can have your breakfast outside on the restaurant’s terrace which is surrounded by pine and citrus trees. Hotel de Russie offers a beautiful 360° experience in Bella Italia. 

Ciao Roma! 

XX Stef

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