The PINK MACARON at Lake Como


As a travel blogger based in Munich you might think I have already seen every single corner in Europe from France to Italy. But there are so many beautiful and hidden places I still need to visit.I always get all my travel inspirations and hotel selections from VIVERE TRAVEL and that was how I discovered the beautiful Hotel Belvedere Bellagio at the idyllic LAKE COMO.


The hotel is located high above the lake so you can see the most beautiful sunrise ever. We (early birds) watched it from one of their beautiful rooms with a fantastic lace view while having breakfast in the room. The other day we enjoyed sunrise from the their cozy infinity jacuzzi. Yes, you will find not only an infinity pool but also a warm bubbling infinity jacuzzi.

The most special thing about Hotel Belvedere Bellagio is for sure that you enjoy the most personal service. This hotel is an example for empowered women. The business was founded in 1888 by a women (what is kind of outstanding during that century) and is still in the hands of her grand daughters. Well, a hotel led by women can only be very extra, right. I especially love the personal atmosphere as they know exactly what every single guest needs. That was why I got some delicious macarons as a welcome gift. What else?

PINK Sights

During the day we loved to discover all the beautiful gardens at the area of Bellagio which are in bloom during almost every season of the year. You will always find hidden corners and enjoy romantic strolls. Of course you can also take the ferry or a private boat tour and explore more villages around the lake. Or what about some amazing VIP mentions like the famous one of George Clooney? I am pretty sure I saw him 😉 #youwish


After our little tour we need first things first: Food of course! Well, I am pretty sure (and I am a total foodholic!) Hotel Belvedere Bellagio offers the best food all over lake Como. I am not exaggerating! From the classic pasta to tender meat and please don’t remind me about their tiramisu. Because then I need to go back in a sec! Did I mention the best Sacher Cake in my life? This cake originally comes from Austria but the confectioner at Hotel Belvedere Bellagio can bake a better one than I ever had in Vienna. Beat that!

PINK Looks

I am just saying: THE ICE CREAM FASCINATOR! I wore it the first time at Lake Como with floral summer dresses and was a bit nervous how people would react or maybe even stare at me. But in the end it was the best experience ever and another proof always to style the outfits you love! And always following the motto: DRESS LIKE NOBODY IS JUDGING! Did I mention that all kids were super jealous about my ice cream hat. #hehe

See you soon George and Lake Como!



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