The PINK MACARON at Rothenburg

Anzeige / Markennennung

Bavaria is said to be the real Disneyland for a reason and one are the incredibly charming and romantic towns like Rothenburg ob der Tauber. This little slice of storybook heaven is the most picture-perfect medieval town at the Romantic Road in the wine region Franken – Insta spam is guaranteed! So here we go with a little guide to the perfect weekend getaway to Rothenburg <3


The brand new hotel Mittermeiers Alter Ego is the coolest spot in town for sure! Situated just a few steps outside the old city walls, this super stylish hotel welcomes you without any reception or restaurant (how old school is this?! 😉 ) but you can check in with an app and feel like staying in a private villa. Huge designer kitchen free to use included! I especially loved the uber cool interior design and the bath room of course, you know I am a #bathtubmermaid


Rothenburg really is ridiculously perfect and as most of the super picturesque places in Germany, it is flooded with tourists as soon as the first busses arrive in the morning. So to explore the city in peace, make sure to get up early!! My favorite picture spots and things to do in town:

Plönlein: This little square probably is the most iconic view you’ll find in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. An adorable half-timbered house, framed by tall towers and perfect cobblestoned streets. Yup, it’s for real and it’s as close to postcard-perfect as it’ll get.

Old Castle Gardens: Especially nice to enjoy the sundown. The garden is full of blossoms and roses and you get the best views of the city walls while the only sound you will hear are the singing birds. How idyllic!

Schneeballen: These delightful looking sweets can be found all around town, and are balls of fried pastry covered in chocolate and other wild toppings. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed because I had such high expectations and it ended up tasting like plain pie crust… BUT they’re a specialty of Rothenburg, so try one and at least they make a good foodie pic for sure!

Marienapotheke: Located at the Marktplatz, where you can also find the town hall, this may be one of the most stunning houses in town. Also, when the Festive Season kicks in, here you’ll find the Christmas Market!

Markusturm: Just another #tdf instagrammable spot in town. Nothing more to say. Just take a pic.

Christmas museum: Talking ’bout Christmas, ok Rothenburg does have a Christmas museum (all year round) as well as a huge Christmas shop and if you also are a little holiday fanatic you will drool over this place!

But now… enjoy your trip!!



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