The PINK MACARON Birthday in Paradise


So, this month I turned 29. I really don’t like celebrating birthdays as birthday celebrations always end up in stress, demands, problems (one time two girls literally started fighting on my birthday party and ended up almost crying and I do not want to deal with this kind of things on my birthday, I just want to have a peaceful time haha). So this year, I decided to do just what I really wanted to do and – besides of expectations and ideas of others – what makes me happy, and I flew to Mauritius all on my own and celebrated my Birthday in tropical paradise.

I always enjoyed time alone and since I did my very first trip on my own to the Seychelles last year, I found how precious this kind of trips is for me. Whenever I feel I lost my inner balance, nothing leads me back to inner peace as this time alone. I always get so many messages of girls admiring my courage to do so – I think it’s such a shame, that there is this stigma a woman can’t spend time alone without being sad, pitiful and miserable. Take yourself out on dates, go out and have dinner with your own, go on trips on your own – you will grow so much and be so much more happy with your very own self!!

I stayed at the wonderful Heritage Le Telfair, which is nestled on a beautiful tropical beach on the southern coast in the protected nature reserve of Bel Ombre. The suites are spread around a beautiful lush garden in colonial style and my room was absolutely stunning with breathtaking sea views, a freestanding bath tub and a canopy bed.

There are twelve different restaurants to enjoy all kinds of food you can imagine, lunch in the sand, homemade ice cream in the own ice cream hut, fresh coconuts at the Coco Shack…. plus the most peaceful spa where I had a wonderful massage for my birthday and countless things to explore and discover, from golfing to my personal highlight: quad tours through the nature reserve. So much fun!!

Be prepared for some more #instaspam 😉



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