The PINK MACARON craving Spring


Hey dears, this week we really had a lot of snow in Munich again. Well, even if it is beautiful we have enough of winter! That is why we decided to shoot a winter look with a lot of PINK spring feelings included. You feel us, there are some pieces in every wardrobe you are just tired of wearing during the last winter days, right? For example our Woolrich parka, or even our beloved otk boots. We are always super excited to bring them out every fall but after 5 months, we just want espadrilles and sandals back. You always want what you can’t have 😉

But there is one thing that keeps coming back every year and we can not wait to wear it on and on: Spring Knit! There are so many beautiful pastel and striped knit jumpers on our list this spring. You can find our favorites at Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf!

Just think about this feeling when the sun rays gets warmer – you stroll through the streets of your hometown and at some point you take your jacket off and just wear your favorite sweater without a shawl or jacket for the first time.

The moment when you realise SPRING is here! PRICELESS! We can not wait…







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