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For Munich girls the Oktoberfest means something really special. As soon as the Wiesn is over, we start looking for the perfect Dirndl for the next season. Eleven days left to prepare for the Oktoberfest 2014! Time to hurry up – not only for the Munich ladies 😉

To get into the right mood we took our Dirndls out for a journey to the wonderful Alpine foothills and enjoyed the beautiful bavarian mountain panorama.

The Dirndl

The perfect dirndl has to be sexy but classy in a bavarian way. Never ever choose mini skirts and please no mass merchandising Tracht, we want to be unique!

This year The PINK MACARON wants to stand out of the Dirndl crowd and bring a special touch to the Wiesn. So we decided to wear the stunning and richly garnished Dirndl by Anina W Couture.
The inspiration for the glamorous oriental designs comes from the magical Dubai. Influenced by the colorful patterns and glittering oriental nights the dresses are full of embellishments and sparkling crystals. Well, diamonds are a girl’s best friend right? That’s why you gonna be the ultimate eye-catcher with those stunning pieces at the Wiesn for sure!

Another member of our animal family is our gracefull Sloughi lady Prana, which has her origin in the orient, too. The best companion for our arabian-bavarian fun time! For some Sloughi puppy love visit her family at Schuru-esch-Schams.

The Accessories

You know we love to dress up colorful and fun like a peacock 😉 We choose bags that are able to keep up with our brightly colored dresses and pick up their beautiful shades. Matching hair garlands are the crowning glory to our look!

When wearing these richly embellished Dirndl you don’t need much jewelry but make sure to put a Charivari on. We love bag charms, so Dirndl charms are the next level to happiness 😉
For After Wiesn party it’s time to take your Loubis out!
For strolls across the Wiesn and celebrating in the tent we prefer comfy flats or wedges to enjoy the exciting day.

We can’t wait to share our Wiesn must-dos, important rules and tips as well as stylish pics from our hotspots in two weeks when it’s once again:

1,2,3 Gsuffa… See you at the Oktoberfest 2014!

Your Pink Macarons








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