The PINK MACARON Friday Whatever #1

There is something new on The PINK MACARON! Maybe you noticed the last months that we try to give you some more insights into our daily life as bloggers / students / work- and shopaholics / average girls. That’s why we decided to write a recap of the last week in our lives from now on just for you – and because we are PINK MACARONs we start with the best part, the weekend! As we will talk about whatever comes to our minds – actually we called it Friday Whatever in the beginning, before we thought about a name and it kind of got established – here we go! Our weekly Friday Whatever, this time from Sarah aka The Brun Macaron!

My last weekend started with a girls night out. Partying in Munich became a little boring lately, always the same people, locations, talks. But this time we joined a group of guys we would usually not even talk to – this weird kind of Berlin Hipster men. And we totally had the most amazing night! The cutest and loveliest guys. The one I was talking to was engaged to a girl he met on Tinder. And honestly I never heard someone speaking about a person in the way he did. So inspiring and moving, that’s the deep shit that makes a night out special!

I spent the next days planning my next trip to Lisbon. Actually I did some online shopping and planned where I want to eat – the most important thing! As we always need to take lots of super cool Instagram shots everything wants to be well prepared, even though I have two weeks left. I marked like everything I want to see in Google maps, and now I am super excited already!


With spring season also dirndl season starts. That’s why we visited a super cute Munich dirndl label and collected some first ideas of our new dirndl we want to have customized especially for our PINK taste 😉 But more the next weeks… stay tuned!

Another highlight – or rather lowlight: I had a date! And not a Tinder date, omg (for the first time in centuries). But a Mayze date, not much better haha. So this guy came into the restaurant – and he told me before, that he doesn’t like any restaurant in Munich. With the ugliest sneakers on ever. And from second one, it didn’t got any better. He actually doesn’t like anything, obviously also no contact to human beings. He ordered a coke (this can only get super boring). And tried to tell me how social media works (he didn’t even knew what I’m doing for a living). So I was completely fed up when he told me he wants to walk me to the bus station (hey, be a man, order me a cab). But the worst thing: on the way to the bus we ran across my ex. And like the only ex I still want to make an impression on. Me and the guy with the ugliest sneakers ever. Worst evening ever, cheers to the weekend!!!


Friday Wishlist #1

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