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Welcome to this very special post with a very special guest: It is the first of its kind on THE PINK MACARON because we never ever had a couple shooting so far. You might know Sarah is a happy single lady but Steph would like to introduce to you the man of her heart and by the way the person that takes all the nice shoots on Instagram as well as on the blog! And by the way he looks like a model – that is why we planned this very spacial shooting collaboration with his favourite brand HACKETT LONDON.

Fabian and I met almost 2 years ago via Facebook! Not very romantic, I know. But I mean at least it was not Tinder 😉 . Fabian wrote me a massage because he discovered THE PINK MACARON and really was into it. And I was like: “Ok, if he likes all this PINK girlie stuff maybe he can also handle me ?!” And so it is and a love story begun…
As I said normally Fabian is behind the lens and shoots Sarah and me but for this very special project with HACKETT LONDON we love to have him as the star of this post. We styled looks for him and myself from day to night, as a inspiration for all our male readers and for you girls- to dress up your man!

Before you look at this editorial make sure to check the

10 facts about our relationship

1. Fabian is 3 years younger then me but most of the time I am the child in our relationship.

2. We live together since almost two years. We moved together after 3 month- so there are no rules for that as we both never close the toothpaste 😉

3. Even I have a total normal hight for a women (I am 170 cm tall) he is 26 cm taller then me! So hello sky high Louboutins! My man is not afraid at all!

4. He is the cook in our relationship. I can not cook at all and he loves it to feed me. I am getting fat hahah! But I love his food anyway. Especially when he bakes blueberry muffins in the middle of the night and I eat them all. That ist why :

5. He is the skinny one and I am the curvy one – obviously 😉 Why? Because he has the discipline to eat only ONE chip in front of Netflix, well and I have the rest of the chips bag …I mean…

6. I am the crazy and loud one in our relationship while he is the oasis of tranquility which is great because he can always calm me down- well almost always…

7. He only listens to classical music while I am such a mainstream idiot! Spotify Charts all day on repeat but OPPOSITES ATTRACT – right!

8. He scouts Instagram trends faster then me! Especially when it comes to fashion trends. Can you believe that- even he has no own Instagram or Facebook account anymore. So don’t even try to stalk him 😉

9. We both love over knee boots (on me). His favourites: Stuart Weitzmann Lowland- what else!

10. You know I already have 2 cats and now he wants to have a sausage dog. So we gonna have a crazy animal home but I love it!

Now let`s start with the editorials and it is also a little #giftguide for your boyfriend included.


Fabian is wearing a cozy cardigan that comes in blue and grey colours made of soft wool. We styled this cozy piece with a more formal-looking slightly moos-green trouser, which matches perfectly the brown double monks made of suede leather. As my man is always kind of a bit old-school we choose a green tie, woven of a heavy wool. I love the details with all the small birds on it. What a perfect and super cute christmas present!


Steph`s LOOK: Zara Cape and trousers, LV booties and Chanel classic flap bag



For the …


fabian decided for the most classic smoking that consists of a velvet jacket and a do it yourself bow tie. You better check 10 youtube videos 😉 . Special feature in this look are the hidden braces with dots that are the perfect Christmas gift for hip men. Not only to wear with a smoking.


Steph`s LOOK: Red velvet dress by asos, Dolge & Gabbana booties ON SALE and Chanel classic flap bag


So loves, we really hope you loved this #couplegoals post and a special thanks to Hackett Munich for all these stunners!

It was a pleasure!


Yours PINK MACARONs & Special Guest Fabian


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