The PINK MACARON Guide to Lisbon

Constantly seeking for new PINK adventures, for this trip I was looking for something special, maybe not that typical and I found my new must-see destination: Portugal!

The wildest and most-beautiful nature, the coolest and most-charming cities, the best wines and food, I can’t believe I did not visited this country earlier. And guess what, Paris is out, everyone is moving to Lisbon right now. And I kind of understand where this is coming from when strolling through the city, where every single street is packed with new, colorful, charming, old houses, flowers, pretty doors and VIEWS! Read all about my favorite places in Lisbon and the surroundings here, next on my list: Porto!


Areias do Seixo: Whenever I visit a country for the first time, I want to see as much as possible of what it has to offer. So don’t miss to see the beautiful nature and coastline when traveling to Lisbon, and especially don’t miss the coolest place I ever stayed. Uber-stylish architecture you can find in every tiny detail, open fireplaces in every room and bathrooms as big as my apartment. Not to mention the endless dunes and sunsets. This may be the first hotel in my lifetime I will definitely come back to!

img_5249 img_5593

Palacio Belmonte: In the very heart of Lisbon, actually part of the castle’s wall, you can find a very special red door! This palace is not a hotel you stay at but rather an entrance to the history of Lisbon. The most private and charming experience, getting lost in the endless corridors, patios, ballrooms, libraries… no television, no air condition, just adore the art and this view!

img_6182 img_6198


Pastelaria Alfama Doce: Nothing – and I mean nothing – beats Portuguese pastries. Looking for a really authentic bakery I found this one hiding in the streets of Alfama. You can try the whole assortment for like 10 Euros as everything in Lisbon is reallllyyyy affordable. Must-try: Pastéis de Nata (of course) and the almond one filled with liquid lemon. #tdf


Chapitô à Mesa: As a part of a circus this restaurant has the most unique, fun atmosphere with cool people, cool music, cool cocktails and an insane view of the sunset over whole Lisbon. Make sure to arrive in time to capture this moment!


Café Lisboa: Authentic Portuguese cuisine in a super stylish and modern setting. Must-try: The most famous Portuguese dish Bacalhau à Bras you can find here served with exploding olives!


PINK Sights

Portas Do Sol: Watch the sunrise over Lisbon from this super famous and romantic viewpoint. It will be worth the alarm!

O Mundo Fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa: Well, this one may be super touristic but when in Lisbon, you just have to get some sardines from your year of birth. And this place is like the Disneyland of Sardines.


Tram 28: You can see the whole city in style by taking a ride with the old-fashioned trams. And of course it is one of the prettiest motives for #instaspam!




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