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Somehow, fashion bloggers evolved into travel bloggers. Presenting a cool look used to be nice, but presenting a cool look in front of an impressive backdrop is nicer. To be honest, let’s focus on the impressive backdrop, outfit details are not that interesting anymore.

We really love to travel and used to have long before we started with the blog. Nothing builds the personality as much as seeing the globe and we try to do so as often as we can. But, we live a “normal” life as well – and most of the blogger girls we know, too. We are students, we have “normal” jobs besides being bloggers. And, we still have to pay for our vacations – some really lucky upgrades excluded. And, of course, it is not sufficient to stay in a nice hotel in a nice location. It has to be a fabulous hotel in a fabulous location! But after a handful pictures this also gets boring and we have to continue to the next fabulous place.

So, we invest lots of time and money to try to go on enough vacations to provide interesting content. But, our vacations can’t even be called vacations. We don’t sleep in and go to breakfast relaxed. We set our alarm and get ready to have a shooting before the very first coffee as then it is less crowded (as normal human beings are still sleeping or having breakfast). We don’t go to dinner when we are hungry, but when the light is perfect. We don’t order what we want to eat but what looks best and of course wait to sip on our drink until we took the perfect picture. And imaging traveling with us – you are the one who will take the pictures we just talked about. Quiet a full time job!

But, after all, isn’t being a blogger about blogging about your life? Your real and daily life? Somehow, it became about living for being a blogger. And we sooooo much enjoy our real and daily life. Being at home in the most beautiful city in the world, Munich. Staying lazy in bed and not experiencing phenomenal things daily. So, sorry if it seems basic, but – see you in Munich 😉

Fabulous blogger life? For sure, but at least as ridiculous and nuts.


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  • Wiedermal ein super ehrlicher Post. Danke <3 Man fragt sich als "Nicht-Blogger" immer wie das eigentlich so aussieht als Blogger im Urlaub usw. Also doch nicht so glamourös 😉 N.

    • Liebe Nini,

      in der Tat, so toll die Bilder sind, es steckt harte Arbeit dahinter. Aber auch ganz viel SPASS! <3

      Deine PINK MACARONs

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