The origin of couture, classy chic and of our all time favorites PINK MACARONs – all of this can offer only one city in the world: PARIS!

Not only a metropolis but a way of inspiring art de vivre.

Travel with us through our hotspots!

City of Shopping:


But there is one problem: Everyone else wants them too in Paris!

The secret escape for high end shopaholics is definitely Avenue Montaigne. Here it is so peaceful and calm, you get an amazing service (including champagne and fashion show videos) and a special and large choice. No standing in lines like at Galleries Lafayette or Rue St Honore!

But in Paris you can also find the most amazing vintage treasures you could ever imagine! Our favorite store for preloved shopping is “Les 3 Marches de Catherine B.”. She offers an incredible collection of unique and rare Chanel and Hermes pieces. Here you will for sure find the one sold-out bag you’ve hunted for ages 😉

City of pastries:

Paris is the Mecca all gourmets. On every corner you find super cute bakeries with a personal flair and low priced delicious pastries.

But of course there are three Must-Dos for every Paris visit:

1. Ladurée: Well, classics are always the best and Ladurée is the inventor of macarons. Go to the very first and traditional Ladurée at Rue Bonaparte and enjoy the prettiest pastries and macarons for tea!

2. Fauchon: After making it through the best french delicatessen shop you can find the sophisticated Café Fauchon. Visit it for a gourmet lunch – quite expensive, but it is worth every penny! And make sure to not leave without some yummy souvenirs for your beloved ones at home missing this experience 😉

3. L’Éclair de génie: This man is a real genius! His éclairs are small pieces of art and a true pleasure for the senses as much as for the eyes. Take them for a picnic at Seine right next to the shop. Our favorite: Caramel beurre salé!

For Lunch and Dinner after a hard shopping day there is no better place than L’Avenue at Avenue Montaigne. But be prepared: Super hot guests only and don’t forget to bring your latest designer bag 😉

A traditional and authentic place for typical french cuisine is the L’Auberge Bressane. You can try all famous french specialities from escargots to coq au vin but we go for all soufflés: Cheese for the starter, chocolate and salted caramel for dessert.

For a real Carrie Bradshaw moment KONG is the place to be. Halfway between Paris and Tokyo you can enjoy dinner in one of the most stylish places in Paris! Try the truffle noodles under the city lights of the panoramic parisian view!

City of love:

You don’t need a man to fall in love with Paris! Strolling trough the city with it’s charming restaurants, leafy boulevards and beautiful architecture you will find romance in every corner.
Our ultimate hideaway is the rooftop terrace of the Hotel Raphael offering views of the glittering city with Eiffel Tower AND Arc de Triomphe. It can’t get any more romantic than sipping fruity champagne cocktails in this viewporn and celebrating french summer nights. Make sure to have a reservation even as a hotel guest.

There are so many exciting things to see and do in Paris, we hope you enjoyed our selection of Must-Dos!
So let’s stay for good!! Paris, we adore you!


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