The PINK MACARON Richly Decorated

We love love love glitter, diamonds, gold and most of all: everything together combined in spectacular statement jewelry!
For an ultra-luxe look we love to create an eye-catching color story with our glittering pieces by Shourouk, Sweet Deluxe and IKA BABEL. Three of our favorite jewelry brands which guarantee a glamorous appearance to every occasion! Of course don’t forget to pair them with a super high class bag, like PINK MACARONs do 😉

Let’s introduce you to our cutest little assistant and model: Kitty Pompon – blue eyes, endless fluffiness and a heart of gold. The perfect match to our stunning jewelry heaven. We hope you don’t mind some more kitten spam from now 😉

How to wear your statement pieces:
1. Always decide on statement necklace or earrings! Both at the same time is a glittering overdose – a rare exception to our more is more maxim 😉
2. Pimp a simple tee or sweater with an overloaded necklace for an comfy all-purpose look
3. The best about it: The statement fun works for day and night!


The ultimate representation of glamour and luxury when it comes to ‘bling bling‘ are the eye-catching and colorful pieces by Shourouk.
Everyone wants them, everyone needs them!
We got this blue beauty on sale at So ladies, pay attention at the next round! 😉 You might also catch a Miu Miu Clutch that is perfectly matching for the evening!


Shades of grey and pearls – there is nothing more precious. We love our pearls oversized and pompous for a chic and modern touch. Combine them with snakeskin to make your look even more magnificent!


It’s no secret The PINK MACARON loves pink! In the best case: pink Prada totes <3
The sophisticated statement necklace in rosé by Sweet Deluxe is one of our favorite pieces from the latest collection. To complete the girly look go for the bracelet, too!
You can get the trendy and affordable pieces at Zalando and Douglas. Happy Shopping!


Well, there are two things that always go perfectly with our all time endless love Chanel:
1. Black & white
2. Pearls
You can never go wrong with this combo!


Oktoberfest 2014 is close – spice up your Dirndl with some feathers matching your Wiesn hats and traditional bavarian edelweiss! And it’s the only Party you can wear your bra as a bag 😉
By the way, don’t miss out our Wiesn Post next week!


Our cute IKA BABEL arm candy looks like a little arm turban and is reversible for a colorful variety. Pompon loves them because they are organic and super stylish! Our fav is the KAVIAR Collection. Yummy!





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