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Winter time is beauty time, ladies! These days our skin needs a little more than usual and we found the perfect cosmetics with a plus of care.

VieSage by Skinaffair are innovative highly concentrated essences as add on to your daily skin care. The three different combinations of essential oils for sensitive, dry and oily skin relax, revitalize or balance the skin.

Add VieSage to your daily facial cleansing routine by simply adding six drops VieSage to 250 ml warm water and rinse off your makeup. Alternatively, dip cloth in the water and lay it on your face. Enjoy 10 minutes with the mask for complete relaxation! You can even add the oil to your bath for a body treatment and inhale the scents for 15 minutes.

PINK TIP: If you are not sure about your skin type or need some more information on your complexion or well-being simply book your personal Skype appointment.

For the very first time we did a beauty video with a little help of our baby boy Toulouse (well, he is almost one year now) and we had so much fun. How do you like it?



Skin affairs 1 3 from The Pink Macaron on Vimeo.


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