The PINK MACARON Snow Covered

Fun in the snow with our beloved cat and dog family: definitely the best about winter!

The perfect après ski or winter stroll looks are all about stylish AND cozy shoes.

It’s getting hot in the cold with our extravagant snow boots by Bogner. The one and only brand when it comes to functional en vogue winter clothing. Furry and studded details add some luxe glamour to the icy winter wonderland looks. And we tell you another sweet secret about them: A wedge is hiding for legs for days. We Love!

Style these must-have-shoes classy and elegant tone in tone in monochromes with knits made of fine angora wool and cozy lambskin vests.
The Brun Macaron merges with the glittering white landscape.
The Blond Macaron loves to be in contrast to the ice with all black everything.

To add the special PINK MACARON note wear a long fluttering oversized blouse underneath creating the it-girl finish to the outfit. Big floppy wool hats to stand against the snow storm and Dior Ladies for soft snowfall.
We always save a very, very, very long time 😉 to go for special editions when it comes to it-bags like the fantastic Lady Dior – black is classy but dark blue phyton and all-over-studs are to die for, aren’t they?

Now the only thing that’s missing are our fluffy cats and adorable polar bears to join the snowy fun.

Snowbound guaranteed, ladies!

















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