The PINK MACARON UK Road Trippin’


I love road trips. Although you sometimes have to rush from one place to another and have only short stays at beautiful places, I just love the idea of getting up knowing: Today there will be a new adventure for sure. I will see things I have never seen before.

For our road trip through the UK we had 5 days to visit the beautiful landscapes around London. Why I am so crazy about Great Britain? You will laugh: It is all about the stormy weather and movies like Downton Abbey and Rosamunde Pilcher. I could watch them for days!

So the biggest challenge for a fashionista aka blogger girl when it comes to a road trip is the packing.We hade 5 nights in 5 different places so it is really hard to look stylish and comfy in every weather and occasion.

So here comes my 5 Packing Tips For A Road Trip:

1. Choose only one color from your closet for the trip. The rest of your clothes should be white, nude, grey or black. So you can combine every outfit very fast and easy.
2. Choose a suitcase made up of two compartments. One is for the outfits for first half of the trip, the other one for the styles of the second half. Put shoes, lingerie and accessories extra to be prepared.
3. Don’t forget a big shopper. If you are in a hurry you can put everything in there for the next ride without opening your suitcase
4. When it comes to shoes: Go for one pair of flats, kitten heels, rubber soles and sneakers
5. Prepare your favourite music list to have a big party in your car.

We rented this cute yellow Oldtimer car in London where our trip started and had the following five stops. So here we go!

1. Stop: Seven Sisters

The first stop already was very “Rosamunde Pilcher” like. The cliffs of the Seven Sisters are so stunning it feels like California State Route Number One, where i did my very first road trip 8 years ago. I could not believe my eyes and of course I had to do a PINK picnic.

2. Stop: Milford on Sea

Two hours later we arrived at the cute village Milford on sea where we stayed in a very cute and nostalgic Hotel called The Beach House. Can you believe I flooded the hotel room because I wanted to take a picture in the bath tube? #bloggercrazyness

3. Stop: Bath / Lavender Fields

First when I had the idea of a road trip I thought about the Provence which is very popular for nostalgic road trips because of the lavender fields. But the south of Britain has to offer some amzing fields, too! A girlhood dreams came true when I could took pictures in-between the ocean of purple!

Near the fields we stayed in the super romantic luxury hotel called Homewood Hotel & Spa. Each of our 21 bedrooms and suites are unique in character. Boasting rich fabrics, deluxe beds and antique furniture, the luxury bedrooms at Homewood Park radiate opulence, making it one of the finest quality examples of a boutique hotel. With country house charm and stunning views across the gardens, Homewood’s bedrooms and suites create the perfect getaway for any occasion. The majestic mansion offers a super cosy atmosphere, an amazing outdoor pool and one of the top restaurants Bath has to offer. Homewood Park’s restaurant is famous for its award-winning food, relaxing and intimate atmosphere and yummy deserts like their amazing chocolate mousse. Can I have one more please?

By the way- we have #foodgasm at breakfast, too. Homewood Park offers an amazing a la card breakfast where you get all the British breakfast classics like porridge or yummy eggs with bacon and sausages!

4. Downtown Abbey aka Highclere Castle

Well, as I told you I am a fan of the tv series Downton Abbey. I just love the ancient looks. You can visit the stunning castle and gardens like it is shown in the tv show in reality! By the way: the owners of Highclere Castle are still living there. #lifegoals

5. Stop: Cliveden House

The best always comes for last right. For our final night we stayed at the historic Cliveden House which was one of the most amazing hotels I ever stayed which is also part of the fantastic Relais & Chateaux group. It is all about the details at Cliveden House: The castle has no room numbers but your name is written on the room door. At the brand new and super luxurious spa area you can find a hair straightener by ghd. How smart is that? And for all foodies you need to try the delicious menu by Andre Garrett. Go for the Filet Wellington – it will be the best you ever had.

I think you are ready to roll now for your very own adventure!



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  • Wunderschöner Blogpost und absolut tolle Bilder!
    Und super coole Idee die Macronen auf der Roadtrip – Übersicht auch als “Zwischenstopps” zu verwenden. Ich hab grad so lachen müssen 🙂 die Idee ist echt cool!

    Mach weiter so, toller Blog!
    Lg aus Österreich!
    Betty von

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