The PINK MACARON’s Anniversary

How time flies!

Today is our PINK anniversary of the day we started our little baby The PINK MACARON with the goal to have fun and lots of fashion in our lives. It turned out to be the best decision ever and ever and ever! Besides all the amazing shootings and looks we are able to do what we love: Working as a freelancer, travel around the globe and meeting so many new and inspiring people!

For sure this job is not only about getting new clothes and going on events. It is as challenging as any other job. But if you do what you love everything is more easy – even to laugh about your fails! And actually we had a lot of fails whether when it came to bad outfits or grumpy faces during shootings.

We hope you laugh as much as we do about it and now it is time to THANK all of you: Thank you so so much for joining our PINK overdressed party and for all your amazing support!

WE LOVE YOU to the moon and back!

#neverenoughpink #pinkanniversary


…and here comes our best of worst! Enjoy!

Category: Worst Looks Ever.

(Without comment)


We were serious about this one. Including the ears. There were also bunny tails in the back. Also about this very natural posing.


… let’s mention that we also wanted to fly kites.


Tasteless diva grannies.


Category: Questioning the photographer.



We mean… Seriously?!


… are you f*** serious?!


I doubt it.


Category: Peasants.

Uhm… Hello?


Almost a nice shot. 50%


You can try to argue… but peasants will be peasants.


Never argue.


Category: The struggle is real.

Especially with these heels.


Ok short story behind this one: Moments before, this boy bag slid down the ski slope. Of course Steph jumped behind. If the boy will die, we will die!


Category: Spotting sth delish + Category: Enthusiasm of Sarah


Category: S.o. clearly needs a guy for 💋


Nope, Steph is no adequate substitute.


Apropos! Category: Unmutual love


Category: Movement in the hair is always nice.


Let’s have so much more fun together!



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