The PINK MACARON’s Beginnings

It’s all about sleeves this season. The bigger the better! Some weeks ago we already showed you another knit addiction in PINK. Mango designed another super cute black and white knit with a super cute Chanel note. We actually bought it both at the same time but didn’t knew. As always we are fashion soulmates even when we don’t go shopping together!

BTW so many of you ask us: How did you get to know each other? So here comes our story:

Isn’t there always one – well just ONE – good thing about your ex boyfriends? In our case our ex boyfriends were the reason why we became friends. They got to know each other and introduced us to each other. And as most best friendships start – at first glimpse we couldn’t stand each other. But then we started with the typical double-dates for dinner or clubbing and the funny thing is we became best friends but the boys not!

After our friendship started we talked so much about fashion and styles but did not knew that we both had an Instagram account that looked exactly the same. How could it be else as we are fashion soulmates 😉
Instagram was not that big four years ago so after a few months we FINALLY discovered our channels and decided to work together on our passion for fashion. That day our baby The PINK MACARON was born!

So never forget to make the best out of every ex boyfriend story!



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