The PINK MACARON’s Guide to Cape Town


Ladies, Cape Town totally blew me away. I was pretty sure that Cape Town is my city, even without ever been there – and I was oh so right! Cape Town is huuuge, but as is it built around the mountains, there are these massive green spots all around in the middle of the city. Plus the gorgeous coast line and beaches. All this beautiful nature makes it feel so different compared to any other city I have ever seen. Then the people. They are so relaxed, friendly, outgoing and helpful. When you come from grumpy Germany it’s a completely different atmosphere and so much more fun to be around!

A few words to some issues:

  1. Water shortage. The city is suffering and especially as a visitor who does not has to struggle with the consequences, I think it is even more important to stick to the water saving guidelines and do as much as you can. If not totally necessary, do not wash your hands but use hand sensitizer. Shower in under 2 minutes. Collect the water during heating up your shower. Those little things won’t kill you the few days you’re in town, and every little action helps.
  2. Safety. I have to say, nothing happened to us on our whole trip but I heard so many bad stories about being threatened with guns, being robbed and so on. That one night we came out a club and on the way to our car, three guys started following us and came real close. Honestly I think we almost got robbed right there but we jumped in the car super quick and made it. But overall, be cautious, have your eyes open, don’t walk too much but take the car and only go where you feel comfortable.

But now, let’s come to my guide to wonderful Cape Town!


The Twelve Apostles lies a little outside the city above the beautiful coast, flanked by the majestic Twelve Apostles and Table Mountain – what a location! In under 10 minutes you are in the heart of Camps Bay and the hotel also offers free shuttle service to the city center, which is amazing as the traffic in Cape Town can be sick and driving the hills up and down can be exhausting. I especially loved the amazing breakfast. Oysters and champagne served with breathtaking sea views – pure indulgence!

PINK Sights

There is so much to see in Cape Town, you can probably spend weeks in the city and still have some things left. My highlights are:

In Cape Town:

  • Bo Kaap: The colorful streets where every house is painted in a different, flashy color. So fun to see!
  • Signal Hill: Almost the whole city gathers here for sunset picnics. Best thing: you can drive with your car all the way to the picnic area, so no hiking required!
  • Table Mountain: Of course THE must do. Incredible views all over Cape Town but be prepared, the cableway is not that inexpensive. Make sure to come here for sunset as well!
  • Clifton Beach: My favorite beach in the city to just have a relaxed tanning day
  • Camps Bay Beach: Not as pretty as Clifton Beach but this is where the party at

Around Cape Town:

  • Chapman’s Peak Drive + Noordhoek Beach: Incredibly scenic drive along the coast ending at Noordhoek Beach, which is a breathtakingly beautiful and endless beach definitely worth a visit!
  • Boulders Beach: The penguin beach all of you know. These little guys really are the cutest!
  • Muizenberg Beach: Another gorgeous beach with endless dunes and as fun eye-catcher countless colorful beach huts in the middle of the sand. All the surfer boys are here as another eye-catcher of course 😉

Cape Town, hope to see you soon again! It was a blast!




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