The PINK MACARON’s PINK Christmas Tree


Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We really can not wait! Ok, to tell you the truth: Steph already decorated her hole house for a glamours glittering PINK Christmas and also our cheesy cute Christmas sweaters with fluffy animals on it are back in our closets! So we already styled this Christmas tree for your as a little inspiration – only five weeks left… I mean let’s get it on!

PINK Christmas Tips:

1. We love unreal Christmas trees as no real trees have to die and you can buy a lot of scented candles that will smell like a whole forest. Our favourites are by Yankee Candle. Try “Christmas Eve“. The other great thing about fake trees is that they have glittering snow on them.

2. Style your tree in silver and gold colours only and if you like add ONLY ONE other color to get a very elegant tree. So only 5-10 baubles in your favourite color. Of course we decided to add a PINK touch. By the way you can find the prettiest baubles at Pure Velvet!

3. Last but not least pimp your tree with some eye-catchers like our Christmas cappuccino or the little glittering eiffel tower! For the top of the Christmas tree we always would choose a big bow. It’s a girl 😉

So, dear Santa, again – we want it all!





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