UNBOXING: #cccertified Xmas

Always fixed (and bold and highlighted) in our PINK calendar: The day when the new Chanel Cruise Collection arrives at the Chanel boutique with the brand new espadrilles. Usually the second november weekend. We are always super excited about this day and stay like good girls in a line in front of the store – no we don’t. Actually it is a little cat fight 😉

This year was the very first time we just could not decide between the colors and took two pair of espadrilles with us. They came in all black, gold, white, dark blue and beige. The prices vary from year to year from 390 Euros for fabric up to 650 Euros for the leather ones.

We loved the tweed ones most as they have a little christmas glitter in them. So it was our perfect christmas present from us to us!

Which color do you like more? The classic black and white or the gold fever?

Santa, we’re sorry! Two pairs are always better than one 😉


dsc01650 dsc01647 dsc01659 dsc01655 dsc01657 dsc01660 dsc01664


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