UNBOXING: Chanel Espadrilles


Hey ladies,

omg please let’s not talk about how many Chanel espadrilles I own. I think I bought six pairs so far. Bad girl! But they really are the most cool and comfy shoes ever.

You can style them perfectly with EVERYTHING. For example with a girlie skirt (what I wear most of the time) or to cool down a sexy dress or of course relaxed to denim. By the way – you find my favourite post ever with espadrilles on The PINK MACARON here!

Usually I do not feel very comfy in Chanel shoes unfortunately. For example my feet always hurt like hell in their ballerinas! What is a pity for sure…

So this year something very untypical happened. I bought my new Chanel espadrilles at Zurich in black! YES! I can not believe it myself! You know that I do not wear black accessories very often. I love to go for bright colours. That is why my other Chanel Espadrilles are: of course PINK, blue, gold, and white.

But this time the black ones are just so unbelievable classy with the CC made out of pearls – i could not resist. Neither my little (ok he is big now) baby boy Toulouse!

What about you? Do you own a pair of Chanel espadrilles? Which one would you love to buy?




  • These are absolutely gorgeous! I own the black leather ones, the white with lakee and the blue boucle with silver but after seeing these I might get another pair …. I love your pictures!

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