UNBOXING: Coral Chanel Vanity

Hi dears,

in one of our last Friday Whatevers Steph aka The Blond Macaron already told you that she had to get herself a little surprise for finishing her master studies.

So here we go: with bags it is like with investment banking! You pay a lot of money so the invest should be perfect. When it comes to bag investments Chanel’s classics are the best and safest idea. But sometimes you need to get a new model to speculate that is going to be a classic one day. This is what we think about the amazingly pretty Vanity bag which used to be a cosmetic bag! It will be a Chanel classic like the 2.55 or the Chanel Boy one day ! Let’s see if we are good bag brokers 😉
For the color this coral is just perfect for the next summer dream vacation spot: Santorini!


Your bag addicted PINK MACARONs



img_5287 img_5290

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