UNBOXING: Minnie Bday Mouse

It’s PINK Birthday time again! The Blond Macaron just turned 29 and the very last Birthday in your 20s is a very special one. OMG. Guess we are officially grown up adults!

But, we will always be little princesses on our Birthdays. We want to have a tiara, tons of cheesy PINK decorations and a huge Minnie Mouse balloon, what else?! 😉 And we want to keep our inner child not only on our Birthdays but always and until we are old and grey. We should all remember daily to stay lighthearted, don’t worry about too much and go through life with less prejudices. To see and appreciate the little things, not demand too much from ourselves and enjoy every single day. Things we tend to forget when we grow up but every child naturally does. We can for sure be happy with what we have in our lives and what we reached in our 20s. And when we have a bad day, we can look at Minnie and become little girls with bright eyes again and be a little more carefree. Let’s say more often: “Sorry, I can’t adult today”!

And the best thing about being an adult? You can go and get your desired gift for yourself! How cute is this Minnie Mouse PINK Saint Laurent Kate tassel bag with croco print <3




img_5840 img_6774 img_6779 img_6225


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