It is all about PINK, right ladies?

For sure we already have some of the most adorable PINK stunners in our bag collection – but this amazing classic CC was missing in The Blond Macaron’s closet so far. Plus we can now be even better twinsie girls as The Brun Macaron has the lovely PINK classic flap bag in micro. One reason more to get this baby 😉

There can be no better place to get a Chanel bag then at its origin: At Rue Chambon 31 á Paris. This is the place where all the magic with Gabrielle Chanel startet AND the only store in the world where you get the one and only white CC shopping bag and box. Nothing feels as great as walking through Paris with a WHITE & black shopping bag in your hand !!!

The size of our new family member is mini and it is not the standard lamb leather but wool which makes this bag more casual chic.

Perfect match with a bright Missoni tunic and Mime et Moi heels for the next stop in France: Welcome to St. Tropez!




DSC09946 DSC09947 DSC09948 DSC09951 _DSC0165

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