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Even just thinking back to the Maldives and having wanted to go there for the past eight years already makes me so happy that the dream finally became reality for me and my hubby. It was even our postponed honeymoon from 2020 at our first wedding anniversary. What a timing!

The best part of it? When it came to booking the vacation, it was as easy as it could have been thanks to the all-inclusive option of booking via Club Med. They have their exclusive Club Med Kani and Club Med Finolhu Villas and those resorts are the stuff dreams are made of, truly! Personally, I think in the Maldives, high-quality all-inclusive offers make super much sense, because especially the drinks are otherwise very expensiv. And to be honest on vacation I just want to relax and not have to think about money.

We made sure to get the best of both resorts of Club Med and booked a stay in one at Kani and one Finolhu. 


Kani is just beautiful with its turquoise waters and the to the club-resorts’ guests’ exclusive area – it has 75 bungalows which are all located on the water and look like a palm tree if you look at them from above. Also the resorts offers the typical and super big Water Villas. I can’t even decide which I liked better. The feeling of waking up and running straight to the beach for a morning swim when the sun rises or the great and unique feeling when you fall asleep and hear the waves lapping against the water villa. I think both experiences are amazing!

To compare Kani to the Garden of Eden is actually pretty fitting due to its vast nature and all of the colorful birds around for example.

And if you want to mingle with other people, you definitely can during many activities, but if you also just want to stay by yourself or enjoy some alone time, then this is either way the place for you on the big island.

We enjoyed the beaches and I also snorkeled in the clear turquoise water – snorkeling is just one of the many activities you can enjoy at the Kani resort. I would recommend to bring your own equipment whenever you go to the Maldives because there are so many beautiful and spontaneous opportunities to snorkel.  

What we particularly loved, was that everything was included and so high-end when it came to the stay in general, the suites, the activity options (my fav was the Zumba class) , the staff, the cuisine… We were able to get freshly caught fish, Creolean and International cuisine under the stars and on the beach and all-day dining in 2 different restaurants and had a bar at our disposal. There were also shows in the evening, so entertainment was also secured, even it is maybe a little more for kids. My personal favorite was the white Party! Omg when was the last time dancing?

In general, I would recommend Club Med Kani more for a nice family vacation with kids. 


We also switched to the Club Med Finolhu which is the perfect place for a couple vacation! Booking nights at both resorts this way is what I would most definitely recommend doing when you book your vacation with Club Med. It is just a boat ride of 5 minutes from Kani Resort away. Take advantage of all of the different options presented and in case of the Finolhu Villas besides them being newly done with a focus on nature – the Spas they offer! The Cinq Mondes Spa which looks directly out onto the laguna and was just a true highlight. You even have your own swimming pool and canopy bed to chill in!

The resort also provides the perfect balance of Maldives charm and modern luxury which we thoroughly enjoyed. 

The villas are limited to just 52 of them – again perfect in case you want to meet somebody else by the main pool area but also ideal if you want your peace and quiet in your private pool.

The surrounding beauty is a thing from the movies and the sunsets… It will have to suffice to say that they were some of the most exquisite and beautiful ones I have ever seen.

A little fun fact: Fabian actually does not enjoy sunsets, so it was the perfect moment to just enjoy nature and some romantic “me-time” ! 

We chose a Water Bungalow because we wanted to be close to the incomparable underwater world (we had the most beautiful fishes and a friendly shark around), but if you prefer the white sand beaches, then choose one of the Beach Bungalows. Dreamy as well! In both you have a private pool and can order a delicious floating breakfast. WOW!

If you and your partner also are rather different types of vacationers or are looking for some diversity from just lying on the beach and eating, then you are welcome to try several of the included activities on Finolhu.

You could try Tennis, Badminton, the sports school and there more specifically the flying trapeze even! Or just go to the regular fitness school, to still have some balance if you are relaxing too hard ;).

I basically want to book my next stay right away with Club Med. It was so easy due to the all-inclusive package and also especially in these times of the corona pandemic made even easier this way. And the luxury of the resorts, the staff going out of their way with their service – it was just like a big family and I was close to tears when we had to leave! We will definitely come back and my big findings is from this trip: Sharks are wonderful even cute animals! See you soon!

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