Our new dream kitchen by SapienStone

Welcome to our kitchen project of the new home in Munich. It was a long way to our dream kitchen but all worth it! The biggest challenge was the plan of the kitchen as we changed so many walls and rooms. Our kitchen plan changed again and again during the renovation. However, we had always wanted a kitchen made of natural stone. So, while we started our planning, there were hints everywhere about the disadvantages of natural stone surfaces. Then, we finally found SapienStone and their exceptional products.

SapienStone is a new brand owned by the holding Iris Ceramica Group S.p.A. which is a well-known company for producing porcelain and high-tech ceramics with amazing quality and fantastic aesthetics. The extraordinary thing about SapienStone: the slabs that they offer are crafted from ceramic clays and mineral colourings. The marble veining which is a part of all products looks really fantastic and you can indeed see and feel the high quality. It enhances every room and gives it a luxurious touch. 

You can choose from a variety of looks and finishes so that it fits your current style perfectly, or you can choose a different look to add either a more traditional or modern element to the room. You need a new look for your bathroom? Fantastic, SapienStone slabs can be used as bathroom countertops as well. Or integrate them as a kitchen countertop. Even outside you can use the slabs as tabletops which will withstand the temperature extremes of the different seasons easily and will keep its color and will not fade in sunlight. 

Before the renovation
New Kitchen, new details – after the renovation

We chose SapienStone for our kitchen countertops and what can I say, I just love how amazing it looks and how resistant it is. Usually, marble is really sensitive to everything especially marks from oil and wine. So I have to say that SapienStone is such a gamechanger. We got the fantastic look and feel of marble but with a resistance to thermal shock, chemical cleaners, disinfectant products and acids. So you don’t have to worry about where to put the hot pan or what cleaning products to use.

In order to let the SapienStone décor take effect, we made the island quite large. It just looks very impressive that way, doesn’t it!? We chose for our kitchen countertop the model Calacatta Light which is inspired by valuable Italian marbles. I think it just looks divine with the white background and the subtle grey veins which gives it an overall luxurious look. In my opinion it embodies pure elegance and just matches our entire interior perfectly.

The last point that gave us a lot of headaches was the front of the island where we wanted to have a bar with bar chairs. On one hand we actually wanted a closed block. We thought this looks like a piece of art in the middle of our living room! However, since friends of ours have a similar island and there are also bar chairs in front of it, we were able to look at this several times. We then came to the conclusion to make a recess of 24 cm in order to be able to sit comfortably at the island. It was a good decision! The SapienStone Island still looks so stunning and for us, the island has become much more than just a kitchen element. We love it so much that we work, eat, discuss or just sit and enjoy our coffee there.

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