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Marble has always been and will always be one of those materials which will never go out of style. The optic of it is just so chic and gives every room the certain wow effect. It has been used in grand historical sites such as the Akropolis of Athen and is now one of the most beloved materials to give your home a subtle touch of elegance and glamour. That is the reason why we wanted to have many details in marble look in our living room with open kitchen and bar. All worktops and our dining table are from SapienStone. We deliberately chose porcelain stoneware as our material because it combines the beautiful look of natural stone with all the advantages you want in the kitchen.

Furniture and decoration made in marble optic can now be found in numerous designs, colors and individual patterns. You find many amazing designs at SapienStone. There are many different colour schemes you can choose from. It can vary in color, such as classic white with a gray veiny appearance, pink or red, black and even other colors are possible. However, pieces in marble optic are also a fantastic way to place highlights in your kitchen or living room. For instance, place a wonderful table in marble optic in your dining / living area and let it fill the room with its unique presence.

For an elegant touch you can choose the kitchen counter or a cooking island in this optic. It will be the perfect eye-catcher not only for yourself but also for family and friends. Replicas with a marble look are also more robust when it comes to stains and acids which real marble is more sensitive to. If big furniture pieces are not for you and you like the marble look to be a bit more discreet, you can choose smaller pieces or use decoration in marble optic as a finishing touch. Highlight your kitchen with a set of marble cutting boards or accentuate your living room with some soft cushions, a lamp or a vase with a marble pattern.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate it into your style or mix it with your pre-existing furniture and decoration. Properly combined marble optic will give your kitchen and living room a very modern touch. 

If you want to lighten up your existing furniture in marble optic combine it with some accessories made out of gold. Some modern bar chairs with gold details on a marble kitchen counter will give the entire look a warm touch. Same goes the other way as well: a mix with black metal will take give it a more industrial design style. Choose a vase out of copper or brass and put it on your dining room table in marble – et voilà, you changed the look and feel. 

Above all, the designs by SapienStone fit into almost any interior and set modern highlights. The special feature of the material is that it can be cut by the stonemason in many shapes and sizes for a completely individual interior. Dare to integrate great SapienStone designs into your home! I promise you that everyone who comes in will say WOW!

xx Stefanie

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