The PINK MACARON Dirndl Timelessness

As we all know: Dirndl are absolutely timeless. Trends are changing from time to time but the fact is as Vivienne Westwood said: “Every women is mostly beautiful in a dirndl!” And she is right.

Even our great-grandmas loved to wear the pretty and feminine dresses. Well, the decades have changed the style a bit from pure cotton to more glamorous fabrics and shiny aprons, but the story stays the same…

We had the great chance to shot an amazing dirndl look about our grandma’s and great-grandma’s styles with Amazon Trends. We wanted to show how timeless fashion can be in the case of bavarian garbs. For that we used an old picture of our grandma as inspiration to style our super chic dirndl.
See the cute result here <3

The Brun Macaron: The picture of my great-grandma was taken 1920 in Falkenstein, a charming village in Bavaria where she used to live. She and her best friend are wearing a twinsie dirndl look – just as them we are loving to match our outfits too. My great-grandma wears a look I would totally wear nowadays, too. The latest trend this Oktoberfest season are traditional cotton dirndl with a button front instead of a lacing, just as the dirndl I am wearing today. The outfit of my great-grandma inspired me to play with some accessories. I love the combination of the dirndl with old pearls by my great-granny and kitten block heels. Get the dirndl here!

The Blond Macaron: This picture of me and my grandma was taken when I was 3 years old in the Bavarian village Rosenheim. My granny loves to tailor twin looks for me and her. We often wore the same dress just in the little and bigger version. My grandma always goes for flowery prints as I do oftentimes. That is why I chose a dirndl with flower prints in natural colors for this shooting. The vintage olive hat by my granny is really one of my favorites because he gives the glamours red Dirndl an old-school touch. I love it!

So let’s rummage around in granny’s closet to find real timeless It-Pieces!


Ihr Lieben,

einfach eine süße Idee von Amazon Trends uns mitzunehmen auf eine kleine Zeitreise zum Shooting nach Erding. Wir lieben ja alles Zeitlose, wie ihr wisst. Eine Tasche wird erst gekauft, wenn sie vom Label mindestens drei Jahre neu aufgelegt wird, um auch wirklich sicher zu gehen, dass wir einen Klassiker im Schrank haben. Wir wollen ja schließlich, dass unsere Enkelinnen in 50 Jahren dann auch jede Menge Shooting-Material haben 😉

Bussi aus Erding,



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