The PINK MACARON from lost to found


Ladies, we are always looking for something. Whether it’s our keys, wallet or phone, we have this special talent to lose things even in our flats. Fun fact: The average person spends 60 hours every year looking for misplaced things – what about you?

But finally we found the solution: It’s called Tile! Tile is a tiny bluetooth tracker paired with an intuitive app and helps you to find just about anything. Just place it on your keys, put it in your wallet or bag and you can make it ring or track it on a map with your Tile app! But it also works the other way round. Looking for your phone? Just press your Tile and you can make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent. The best thing: it also works with your Alexa – you can tell Alexa to make your Tile or your phone ring, so you can even lose both and find them with your Tile. How cool is this?

We of course go for super stylish white and gold in the Tile Style series but they also have cool designs for your boy or dad.

We can’t wait to lose our keys again 😉



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