THE PINK MACARON Rooftopping in Singapore


Hi loves,
my second time in Singapore and I am still so fascinated by this city jungle.
If I had to discripe Singapore in three words it would be:
1. Green 2.Futuristic 3.German
Green: That is an easy one! There are parks in-between the city on every corner and this makes this city super relaxing and gives her a fengshui aura!

Futuristic: My dad is an architect and I share his love for crazy modern buildings which is Singapore mostly known for. One simply does not get out of the amazement by walking through the fascinating Marina Bay area and its architecture.

But why I would call Singapore German? Well, so much things remind me about Munich. The city is super save (girls only travel no problem at all). Furthermore everybody is in time (even the trains), very dependable and polite. So this is definitely a reasons why I feel at home immediately when I arrive in Singapore. The second reason might be one of the coolest hotels I ever stayed:
The Hotel Jen By Shangri La

You know I am the biggest fan of Shangri-La Resorts. I already had the honour to stay at their properties in the Oman, Paris and London. I have to say they really have the most friendly stuff, amazing service and they never miss out to have the best view in town!
Same with the Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore! This rooftop is a stunner- 10 from 10 points! You have a view all around the city until the ocean. You are surrounded by skyscrapers but also trees on the rooftop! My personal favourite: there is music (sometimes even a life DJ) all day long. So the perfect place for a fresh morning swim, tanning in the afternoon or some chilled after work drinks.

Another highlight of the Hotel Jen Orchard was their big breakfast menu which offers breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time. Pancakes and waffles- they have it! Spring rolls- they have it! Noodles and Soup- they offer it! By the way a lot of people eat pasta for breakfast in Asia. I will bring that habit to Germany 😉 Pasta all day long! Some lobster pasta anyone? The big Lobster & Friends dinner buffet every Friday and Saturday was another culinary highlight of our stay. 

If you like to have your food in the room you might be surprised by the “person” who delivers: Hotel Jen Orchard is one of the first hotels in the world that uses a futuristic cute robot for their room service. The little Jeno even can use the elevator by itself! Ok, I am in love – can I bring you home with me Jeno, and you do the laundry?
Yours Steph

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