The PINK MACARON Snow Poodle

Welcome to winter wonderland! Our Christmas wish came true and Munich is finally covered in snow. One of our favorite days of the year – nothing more beautiful than everything coated in bright white, glittering in the sun.

And it’s the time to take out your most cozy pieces to cuddle into! We love heavy, oversized, chunky knit dresses this year to keep us warm. Cute beanies and – sorry, men, we think they are – cute sheepskin boots are our wintertime essentials. We especially love to keep everything in natural shades to pick up the colors of our winter wonderland. Of course except our bags, our favorite eye-catcher as you know!

But of course nothing is cuter than our favorite accessory for this shooting: The toy poodle pup by Stephanie’s aunty. And he definitely can’t see anything good in snow. Brrrrr…..

Talking bout eye-catchers: We totally fell in love with the super classy mink trims by Maria Ruth. Stephanie wears cuff trims you can add to every jacket or knit to give them a new look. Sarah chose a collar you can wear with your own favorite necklace. We thought about pearls for a super classy look but what do you think about the cool twist with chunky gold?



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