The PINK MACARON Sparkling Start

What a year, ladies! The PINK MACARON was born and we are more than thankful for all your love and support. We hope you had a glittering and exiting year full of fulfilled wishes, quality times with your loves and some CHANEL of course 😉

Our New Year`s resolutions:
1. More Glitter
2. More Fab Fashion
(4. Some detoxing after 😉

And what to wear for the night of the nights to welcome the for sure amazing and unforgettable 2015?
There is no such thing like being overdressed for NYE!! We love it sophisticated with opulent vintage fur and sequins over sequins. A hot mini dress or a pair of super trendy skinny pants to dance through the night. The best: your accessories are allowed to shine, too! Patent-leather Loubis and glimmering cute mini bags! For the perfect finish to stand out the crowd hide your face behind a mystical mask to spread anonymous kisses at 12 o’clock 😉

Well, don’t forget the ballons and sparkling sparklers, dears!

We wish you a fabulous and stylish start into the amazing NEW YEAR 2015!
May all your dreams come true,


Pictures by our dear friend and fab photographer DeLara










The PINK MACARON Loves Animals. Fur is a part of luxury fashion, but we want to save all the adorable animals so PINK MACARONs only wear vintage fur.


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