11 Things Against The Lockdown Blues

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10 things to do to fight the lockdown blues 

Let’s face it, the current situation coupled with the dreary, cold weather doesn’t exactly invite us to jump for joy. However, we need to keep our optimism and positivism and find things to lift our spirits! The following 10 things can help doing that. Have fun trying them out. 

  1. It’s getting cozy: Cozy Home Wear 

Since we all spend a lot of time at home, it’s almost essential to dress in cozy clothes like pretty pyjamas and bathrobes that make you feel comfortable. This certainly includes cozy home wear like my favorites from Hunkemöller that you would love to spend the whole day in (which is allowed, of course!).  

  1. The 6 Minutes Journal

The 6 minute diary was developed by researchers to make us happier. If you take just 6 minutes every day to ask yourself questions like “What good thing did I do for someone today” or “What made me happy?” Is already after a month proven to be happier. I’ve been trying the journal writing every night for 2 weeks on lockdown and it’s a lot of fun. Of course I still have my down days but let’s see….

  1. Good food in good company: Zoom Cooking Parties 

Send your friends an invitation to your very own Zoom Cooking Party! In advance, everyone will receive the theme of the party, a corresponding grocery list for the tasty menu, and the dress code. Dressed up and full of anticipation, the preparation then starts, followed by a digital feast together! 

  1. Dream a little: buy a travel voucher

We can all hardly wait to be able to travel carefree and safe again. Why not buy a travel voucher, dream a little of normality and support a particular hotel during the difficult time? My fav THE ADARE MANOR & KATIKIES Santorini

  1. For more movement during the day: 10 minutes power walk 

Fresh air and exercise not only get the circulation going, they also help to take your mind off things. You don’t need hours of walking to get your daily exercise. All it takes is a 10-minute power walk to lift your spirits. 

  1. Fit for the day: juice cleanse 

For a little detox and a big vitamin shot, it’s a good idea to have a one-day juice day. The advantage: Your body gets an energy boost and you feel fitter even in the gray, gloomy season! 

  1. Creative streak: coloring book for adults 

You don’t consider yourself the next Picasso? No problem, in order to boost your creativity, beautiful coloring books for adults will do the trick. Whether it’s mandalas or Harry Potter: the accurate coloring and the harmonious interplay of colors are incredibly relaxing! And I found a VOGUE coloring book! How fancy is this? We will feel like Karl 😉

  1. What to read: Start a book marathon 

We all have them on our bookshelves: books that have been waiting to be read for a long time. Why not start a book marathon? Start with the first one, make yourself comfortable with a big cup of tea and something delicious to eat and disappear into other worlds! 

  1. For more concentration and calmness: Discover the puzzle fever

Loved as a child, rediscovered as an adult! Puzzles relax, stimulate the mind and are simply fun. Plus, with each matching piece, the reward center is instantly activated. BTW you can also get personalized puzzles with pictures of your last travel.

  1. Binge Watching with a motto: Movie marathon

Do you already know all James Bond movies? Or have you already seen all the films that have won an Oscar? If not, now is the time to do it. Arrange a dress code, get dressed up, cook great food and enjoy your movie night at home! 

  1. Habla español? Discover a new language 

Satisfy your wanderlust by learning a new language! Not only will you feel productive, another positive side effect is that you can use the language right away on a future trip. 

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