Friday Whatever #26 Christmas Edition

Ladies, Christmas is finally almost there and I can’t waiiiit! Not because of exciting presents but because Christmas days are the most peaceful time of the year for me.

I always stay at home on Christmas Eve, prepare a complete mess out of my favorite food, good bread, my favorite cheeses and charcuterie, fondue, seafood, truffle, a special bottle of wine, Italian desserts, all together enough for a small to mid-size family haha, light candles, cuddle into cozy clothes, make my whole apartment smell delicious, cuddle my little baby Kitty Pompon and watch my favorite Christmas movie – Love actually. I always and every single time start crying at literally the first minute and can’t stop during the whole movie!

On Christmas Day I always visit my parents where my mum prepares the best Christmas dinner, every year there is a little battle going on whether my dad gets his turkey or I get my goose. This year it’s my turn hehe!! Another very important part of Christmas day: watching The Last Unicorn, on my list every year since I was a little child!

Usually I always buy one special present from me to me but this year I decided to newly decorate my apartment. So my Christmas present is a new couch arriving in Jan, a new shoe and bag wall, decorations and so on but I’m super happy with this. I finally feel at home in my apartment!

How do you guys celebrate?

Merry Christmas lovies,




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