Friday Whatever #21 Beauty Talk Edition


So dears, for today I decided to share my all time favorite beauty and cosmetics holy grail products with you. I am buying high end cosmetic products since I was probably 16 years old. As you can imagine, I tried a lot and I honestly don’t want to know how much money I spent on these.

In order to maybe save you from some more fails and semi satisfying products, here are my favorites! (And none of these are sponsored! 😉 )

1. Skin

Naobay Renewal Argan Oil: So, let’s be honest with ourselves – when in your late 20s, you start to see the first wrinkles. In my case, at least for some of them dry skin is to blame for and no eye serum or anti aging serum ever helped. This oil has a little weird smell, but – this one is the first product I can tell that helped a little with my first wrinkles!

DIOR Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation: I was using MAC’s Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation for years as I liked the countless shades and the fact that I never had shiny skin over the day using this. But I was not satisfied with the coverage and it does not soften the skin at all. So, one year ago I discovered the Dior Forever Foundation and I will never switch to something else again! No need to use any kind of primer, concealer or corrector, this foundation totally perfections the skin and lasts all day long. Almost like a Snapchat filter! I am using the shade 015.

Alcina Touch Up Powder: In order to fix the foundation – and as I really like the totally matte look – I am using this powder over my foundation. It is transparent, fits to every skin and stays for hours.

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush: This blush has the perfect degree of color intensity, a little shimmer (but not too much, keep this for your highlighter) and silkiness. And the best thing about it: it smells of blossoms! I am using the shade 72 Rose Initial.

2. Lashes

M2 Beauté Eyelash Activating Serum: Years ago I had lash extensions. Somehow they must have been applied wrong and I seriously lost almost all of my lashes. You can’t imagine how ashamed and masculine I felt. That was when I started using the M2 lash serum and today, I have more beautiful, long and thick lashes than ever before. I don’t care which mascara I use (and mascara has always been my number one beauty product I was looking for to find the perfect one) as my lashes turn out to look almost like fake lashes with every random mascara!

3. Lips

Armani Lip Maestro No. 400: As I am kind of pale and have very light colored eyes, I love to wear signal red lips in order to create some contrasts and make my eyes shine a little more. The Armani Lip Maestro is applied like a lip gloss, which allows to apply it very precise but „dries“ super quickly and ends up looking like a lipstick. Perfect combo! The shade of red (no. 400) could not be any more perfect – it’s exactly the shade of Louboutin’s red soles!

Estée Lauder Pure Color High Intensity Lip Laquer: Another in between lip gloss and stick kind of lip color, and as the name says – the color can not get any more intense and shiny! I love the shade 11 Wet Plum, just the perfect dark red/pink/purple mix for fall!

4. Hair

ghd V straightener: I love to have these sexy bombshell Victoria’s Secret curls and for me the easiest way to create them is by using a straightener. I had several ones during the past years, from Philips over Babyliss to the top of the tops, the ghd Platinum. And I have to say, nothing is even close to ghd. But honestly, it does not has to be the Platinum. I am totally happy with the „normal“ V styler, but of course in PINK 😉

Kérastase CC Crème: After curling my hair, I always brush them with a round brush as I want these big curls and not these prom kind of curls. Afterwards, I always use this balm to create more texture and make my hair more shiny. Love it!

L’Oréal Paris EverCreme Deep Nourish Shampoo + Conditioner (Seidige Nährpflege in Germany): I know, shame on me, I am using normal hair products from the local drug store and not fancy 50 bucks stuff. But, I am using these since years and I have the healthiest hair you can imagine (every hair dresser will tell you this), which is a complete miracle regarding the extreme length of my hair and the fact that I use hair straighteners and dye my hair. Trust me, this one is as good as these super expensive ones if not better, at least for me!

So I hope, you maybe found some products you might want to test by yourself. And, girls, what are your beauty favorites?





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