UNBOXING: Louboutin So Kate


Ladies, may I introduce you to my new red soled babies and the sexiest heels on earth imho: Louboutin’s So Kate ❤ So Kates have the thinnest heels of all Louboutin heels and a longer cap than Pigalle which creates the ultimate hotness!

For being able to also wear them and not only admire them in your closet, my most important  to dos:

  • Always go one half size up for Louboutins. They fit quite tight and your feet will always swell a little over the evening
  • Always cream your feet before putting on your heels. Your toes will slip in the right position, otherwise at least for me they always end of being wrong positioned which will hurt as f*. Moreover, creamed skin will not blister that fast

But, as Mr. Louboutin said: “I would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say ‘Oh my God! That looks so comfortable!’…”





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