The PINK MACARON Dog Sitting

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Super special shooting day with our doggy love Sahri! She was not that exited about modeling that day – can’t we go for a walk instead please? But her super cute new collars by Tambu-Shop arrived and she could’t look any better. The luxurious dog collars are handmade with amazing embellishments and pearls and you can order them in any color or size. From pug to grey hound!

But how to keep up with our all dressed up Sahri PINK MACARON way and still be ready for are walk at the English Garden with the baby girl? Denim Glam!!
When it comes to jeans we are very picky. We love them skinny, stretchy, cool! As usual you can send us anywhere and we will come out with the same things – great minds think always alike, right 😉 – so both of us ordered the same jeans from Big Deal the other day, The Blond Macaron chose dark rinse and The Brun Macaron medium blue.
We combine them with some oversized lace and fringe tunics to get a little hippie touch. Ibiza is calling!
But first, out for a walk! In high wedges? Of course, what else, ladies!



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