The PINK MACARON’s Ladurée Collection

As we are PINK MACARONs of course one of our favorite things on earth is Ladurée Paris.

When it comes to cute macaron packagings the traditional French patisserie is the definitely the winner. We collect them since two years as one is cuter than the other and designed by different artists. Unfortunately we don’t have a Ladurée store in Munich but maybe this is what makes them so special for us.

Hong Kong & Saint Tropez

Almost every hot spot in the world has its own Ladurée edition with a Parisian touch. We love the cute little poodle for the Hong Kong and Saint Tropez design. WOOF!


Emilio Pucci

The king of exciting prints for summer did this amazing special edition for Ladurée. Perfect if the macaron box matches with your summer dress, right 😉


Easter Bunnys

This edition by the talented artist Yuko Higuchi is #tdf. Cutest bunnies ever!


Kerrie Hess Fashion Skribble

Our latest crush by Ladurèe are the haute couture illustrations by Karrie Hess.  She already worked for big labels like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. So get your hands very fast on this super stylish edition. In stores now!


3D Packaging

Yummy cakes within reach when it comes to the 3D packages. Let’s bite into!


The Classics

…and of course the classic boxes you can find at any time of the year.



PINK Tip: To be honest – Ladurée has the prettiest boxes. No doubt! But when it comes to the taste of the MACARONs we prefer Pierre Hermé. Salted butter caramel and passion fruit are the best macarons in the whole world.

Have a super sweet week!



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