The PINK MACARON in Lapland


Ladies, Lapland is the most special place I ever visited and pure magic. The home of Santa, Reindeers, in the middle of nowhere above the Arctic Circle, so during winter time you experience Polar Nights when the sun doesn’t rise at all any more, while during summer you will see the midnight sun as it won’t get dark any more at night. If you’re lucky you will see the aurora, bears and so much more… Bucket list goals!!

The perfect place for experiencing everything Lapland has to offer is the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. The resort is world famous for its glass igloos and it will blow you away. But first, how to get here? Simply take the plane from Helsinki to Ivalo, then it’s about half an hour via bus to the hotel. Fun fact: In the one direction from Kakslauttanen, it’s 50 km to Russia – in the other direction, it’s 100 km to the nearest inhabited house. So the resort truly is located in the middle of nowhere, only nature around, but it is so huge itself, that it feels like staying in a tiny town made of cute igloos. Part of the resort are also three husky farms with a total of more than 400 sleigh dogs, a reindeer farm, horse stables, an art gallery, Santa’s Home… welcome to your lappish NYC 😉

I definitely recommend booking a Kelo-Glass Igloo. Of course, the glass igloos are super cool for aurora hunting, but they are also really tiny and don’t have their own shower, so it feels a bit like glamping – but maybe you’re into it! The Kelo-Glass igloos combine the best of both worlds in their charming wooden huts with a nice bathroom and private sauna, kitchen and fire place with the experience of sleeping under the stars by having a second bed in the glass igloo front.

What to do while visiting Kakslauttanen? Well, the days get quite long in winter time. When we visited, we had about four hours of daylight (and it gets less and less), and when the sun is down, there is a darkness I have never seen before. So, the days get quite long when it’s dark and you need some fun to dos and activities! Make sure to visit the doggos. The pups are the cutest! Of course, you can enjoy a husky safari here or also a reindeer safari – unfortunatelly we had no snow so those are still on my bucket list. If you are more into adrenaline, make sure to book a quad tour. So much fun! And during night – stare at the sky!! We had no luck with the aurora but you can see it about two times a week and it can last for 5 minutes or 5 hours, so you really don’t want to miss it. Until 10 o’clock, there is even an aurora alert in every room, after that, you have to stay awake and be strong 😉

So, as we missed the northern lights, the arctic circle will definitely see me again and until then,

Ho ho ho,


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