The PINK MACARON’s Happy Place

Moving is always an adventure! In some way you find a new side of yourself in your new place and you will never be exactly the same as in your old one. You express your advanced personality in new furniture and lots of creative ideas. Always have the goal in mind to find your HAPPY PLACE.

We want to show you some excerpts from the new PINK happy place by The Blond Macaron where you can find an astonishing amount of blues 😉 Our favorite shop for living is Impressionen. Individual pieces and affordable prices let you be really addictive to the online shop!

Living Room:

Wallpapers are definitely back after many years. They give your designs a special note especially if the furniture is more plain like this white couch by Impressionen. We love striped wallpapers as they stretch the ceiling height optically. The pillows make everything in the living room. Make sure you have one set for cosy winter days and one for a colorful summer. Like in high fashion. 😉 For amazing interior accessories and living room furniture check out Flairoom . A real secret tip and we love their extravagant and individual blankets.


Bed Room:

As we like to have a partner in crime from time to time in our bed room (except kitties 😉 we style the bedroom very clean and free of PINK 😉 Wallpapers in light glittering grey and tone in tone blankets give a very noble finish. A small bank in front of the bed is almost a must have and gives your bed room the “suite flair” like this black and white one by Impressionen.



In our kitchen there are two rules:
1. Life is short – eat dessert first!
2. No dancing except on tables!

Our favorite kitchenware is by SMEG. Retro style in lovely pastels wanted.


Bath Room:

Also in the bathroom you find blue and turquoise colors for relaxing times. PINK bath additive? The vanilla shower scrub by Sabbon and the yummy bath buttercups by Bomb Cosmetics. Attention, not to eat 😉


Dressing Room:

The most exiting room is missing, right ladies? We plan to have a extra post about the new closet in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

And never forget when it comes to your interior: Normal is boring and say yes to mess!



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