Sometimes we just need fresh wind in our hair and cold salty air to get our mind free!

The perfect place for a recovering hideaway is beautiful Sylt. A nordic dream that is in no way inferior to the famous Hamptons. Wild dunes, lovely restaurants and luxurious spas are waiting for you. And when in Sylt, never forget to do a quick stopover at beautiful Hamburg. So here come our nordic favorites!


A-ROSA Sylt at List: The brand new resort offers a delicious breakfast plus a big spa with an outdoor and indoor pool. Just in case it is rainy or stormy what never never ever ever ever 😉 happens in Sylt.


PINK Gourmet

Vogelkoje: Romantic candle light atmosphere and delicious food are waiting for you.

Kupferkanne: One of the most opulent breakfeasts ever. You can have whatever you like! If this is still not enough try their exquisite plum cake with creamy cream of course.

Sansibar: The famous classic from Sylt as its best. An absolute must-do!

Sturmhaube: One of the most traditional restaurants in the middle of the dunes. Perfect for a coffee break or dinner. Their chateaubriant is totally to die for.

Shirobar: The freshest Sushi directly from California! We love!

GOSCH: Best shrimps on the island with a fantastic view over the beach. GOSCH is HOT 😉

PINK Shopaholics

Louis Vuitton: The cutest LV store on earth is definitely worth a visit. You can get some special editions of the Neverfull bag at Kampen’s little boutique.

Label Kitchen: Spot finest cashmere pieces and some interior goodies.

PINK Sports

Never heard about this PINK category? From time to time even PINK MACARONs do some sports… Well, almost 😉

Riding my pony: Nothing is more exciting than a wild gallop at the beach. Feels like flying.

E-Biking: As Sylt has a lot of ups and downs we prefer an e-bike 😉 Is a PINK bicycle available? #yesplease


The challenge? Looking fantastic and staying warm when it comes to autumn in the North.

Nordic glam is the best idea for Sylt and Hamburg. Dress code for both places: very chic and classy. Never forget your Woolrich parka and comfy rubber boots to stroll through the tidal flats. We love some oversized pants with lots of sailor stripes. Our best friend for windy days? Our soft Logomania scarf by LV.

PINK Detox

Sylt is perfect for a digital detox. The Blond Macaron forgot her mobile phone! At first mega panic then total relaxation 😉

PINK Hamburg

We are so surprised by this lovely city. All these cute houses look almost like Notting Hill (perfect blogger shooting location) and the harbor is super impressive, too.

We stayed at one of the coolest hostels ever: Superbude. This place is so much fun and full of lovely details. And the best is: You can get Ben & Jerry’s all around the clock. How cool is this 😉

Wish we never had to leave our Strandkorb again!



Moin Moin ihr Lieben,

am Flughafen war die Heulerei vielleicht groß als klar war: Das Handy liegt mutterseelenallein auf dem Sofa – DIE NÄCHSTEN SIEBEN TAGE!
Was wird aus unserem Instagram Account??? Wir verlieren alle unsere Follower und Leser!!! Ach so, und ganz nebenbei: Kein Google Maps, keine Telefonnummern, kein Whatsapp also auf gut Deutsch: Keine Freunde mehr! Aber wenn man dann im sonnigen Sylt angekommen ist und einem der Wind um die Nase bläst, ist das Handy schnell vergessen. So ein digitaler Detox ist wirklich befreiend. Sogar für Instagram und Snapchat süchtige Bloggerinnen 😉



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