The PINK MACARON’s Beauty Autumn

Long summer days are over and the nights are getting colder. Time to take a little extra care of your skin!
Here come our beauty tips for fall days after a hot hot summer:


Magical Anti Aging Treatments
We all know the risks of tanning so after a long and sun kissed summer we better start with anti aging sooner rather than later, right 😉 The amazing products by Magicstripes are full of concentrated rejuvenators. We especially love the hyaluronic mask for a high end facial treatment. A really fun thing: the eyelid stripes for an optical lifting effect.


Facial Care
Talking bout anti aging we of course included it in our daily facial routine, too. We adore the high end products by Filorga. Especially the brand new Skin-Absolute Day cream which has a little photoshop effect by instantly idealizing the skin.


Go Blonder
We love our beach highlights after holidays and of course want to keep them till the winter comes. An amazing way to simply lighten up your hair at home are the John Frieda Go Blonder products. The Blond Macaron loves to use it once a week to shine with a golden lion’s mane. Just apply the spray after washing.


Vanilla Love
We adore the lovely products by Sabon since the first time we got them as present. The vanilla line is super girlie and smooth for cuddling into in fall. Body sorbet to prepare your skin from becoming dry on cold fall days or even as nice fragrance for your clothes: The Fabric Mist. Just apply it in your closet to dip into a Vanilla Sky!
Watch out Munich girls there is a brand new Sabon store at the Viktualien Market.


Daily Hair Care
Whether blond, brun or kitty – nothing beats perfectly groomed shiny hair. We use the awesome leave-in conditioner by Newsha daily for some extra care after our washing routine. If you want to really spoil your sun stressed hair after a long summer we recommend the deep treatment masque or for some special pampering the fantastic two step “Rescue System” at a professional hair salon. Your hair will turn to silk afterwards.


So let’s enjoy the indian summer with perfectly pampered skin, hair and soul 😉



Ihr Lieben,

für alle Mädels, die ihrer Haarfarbe gerne etwas nachhelfen wie das Blonde Macaron (ist in echt mausgrau): Newsha hat ein fantastisches Colorwatch-System auf den Markt gebracht. Es sorgt dafür, dass eure Haare beim Färben so gut wie gar nicht mehr strapaziert werden. Wunder gibt es also wirklich 😉
Dementsprechend hält das Ergebnis länger und die Haare werden nicht spröde. Ist eben vor allem bei blond ein absoluter HIT…

Eure PINK Macarons

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