The PINK MACARON’s Oriental Sweets

You know we have a sweet tooth especially on PINK holidays. Usually we try to live healthy with low sugar and meat but a lot of vegetables and fruits (OK since some of you probably follow us on Snapchat – at least The Blond Macaron tries to).
But for all our sweet Insta pics we need of course a lot of pastries and we have to eat it all… Hard knock blogger life 😉

At Marrakech we found a real paradise for all sweet temptations: Patisserie Amandine offers traditional Moroccan biscuits with lots of honey and fresh almonds from Spain. Sugar overdose guaranteed. You can also try their yummy cheesecake made with love or some delicious MACARONs – don’t forget to grab a PINK one 😉

BTW we really have eaten ALL the sweets on the photos!!!

So meet us at the gym for the next 3 weeks 😉


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