The PINK MACARON’s Packing Guide

Hi babes, every job has its daily tasks. For lifestyle- and travel bloggers like we are it is PACKING.

Sometimes we have to pack for trips longer then a month, sometimes for only two days but with 8 different locations (means 8 different looks for pictures). Sometimes we go to a place where it has only 10 degrees and afterwards to a hot summer destination without the chance to go home in-between and pack new stuff. So this task that comes with our job defiantly is a challenge every single time.

I would not say I love or hate packing – for me it is more a very creative process. Where will I go and how should the pictures or videos look at the end. Which colours or patterns will match the place where I go. Even more which brands are great to wear there. I love to wear Dolce & Gabbana in Venice but not so much at Mykonos. Of course Chanel bags need to travel with me to Paris but not to the Highlands, right. Wait a minute or would that be so freaking cool?? I willl think about it 😉

I can not always pack just my fav dresses because you might already know them after the 10th picture and if they are old you can’t shop them. So there are several conditions I need to think about that is why I love to make my packing challenge more easy with the most beautiful luggage ever seen by STEAMLINE. When I saw their suitcases for the first time I loved the the vintage chic immediately. Especially the smaller sizes for weekend trips. But when I opened them for the first time I almost cried. How pretty can a suitcase be ALSO from the inside ? You need to love packing with Steamline luggage right 😉

So here come my 9 personal packings tips for you:

1. Create your best outfits at home – no bad surprises needed when you are on a holiday and some pieces do not fit together.

2. If you created a great holiday style take a picture to always have it on your mind while packing or when you arrived at your hotel. Create different folders in your smartphone with the styles for different destinations like winter holiday, beach holiday or weekend hideaway and so on.

3. Put all your hats together to one bundle and fill the inner with bras (they fit perfectly)! Put them first in your suitcase and build everything around them.

4. Please fill your designer bags IN EVERY CORNER while traveling f.e. with underwear or swimsuits. Otherwise they will have bad stretches.

5. If you have a travel with more stops organise your suitcase in different sections. If you like you can put the outfits for the different destinations in shopping or dust bags. Then you don’t need to pack and unpack at every single stop again.

6. Always have your most expensive pieces and one fav look in your hand luggage (don’t forget the panty 😉 If the airline loses your luggage it takes up to 3 days to get it back. So better save then sorry!

7. Take the biggest handbag or a beach basket as your bag in the plane and put two or three smaller bags in there. You can not have enough bags with you…I mean…

8. Always pack three white pieces. I don’t know why but you will need them.

9. Never put patent leather shoes in just one shoe dust bag. I always separate them as they can stretch each other.

And please never forget:

“Life is short and world is wide!” So let`s go!



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