THE PINK MACARON’s Xmas Unboxing


Hi dears,

we all know Christmas is about love and spending time with your family! We enjoy three days at home. Sarah celebrates close to Munich while Steph is at her parents’ house at snowy Tegernsee. But the most exiting question of all is: What did we find under the Christmas tree? Here comes our PINK X-MAS unboxing. Very different this year is that there was no bag, but from time to time it is all about other accessories that pimp your look in a very special way.

1. Louis Vuitton Logomania Scarf

A cozy classic in winter! We already have it in other colours but this one is super pretty as it has some rainbow details if you turn it around. So you can wear the scarf on both sites.

2. Chanel Cuff

Of course in PINK 😉 It comes in leather not in plastic like other ones with shiny golden hardware.

3. Jimmy Choo Christmas Flats

The shoes Steph wore on Christmas eve to match the glittering tree. We also love these ones for NYE when the high heels hurt after some hours. The best thing: They are ON SALE NOW 😉

4. DIOR J’ADORE Bandeau

Well this one is my favourite. You can wear it underneath your favourite sweater in winter, pink every black dress to couture or just wear it as a top on the beach at summer! Worth every penny 😉

5. Saint Laurent Opium Heels

Pure sexiness in a shoe! Not sure to keep them or get those with the silver YSL heel. What do you think?

We hope you enjoy wonderful Christmas holidays and thank you Santa baby, you are the most stylish !





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